Checksum => Str

Checksum of the $LATEST version of the slot type.

CreatedDate => Str

The date that the slot type was created.

CreateVersion => Bool

Description => Str

A description of the slot type.

EnumerationValues => ArrayRef[Paws::LexModels::EnumerationValue]

A list of EnumerationValue objects that defines the values that the slot type can take.

LastUpdatedDate => Str

The date that the slot type was updated. When you create a slot type, the creation date and last update date are the same.

Name => Str

The name of the slot type.

ValueSelectionStrategy => Str

The slot resolution strategy that Amazon Lex uses to determine the value of the slot. For more information, see PutSlotType.

Valid values are: "ORIGINAL_VALUE", "TOP_RESOLUTION" =head2 Version => Str

The version of the slot type. For a new slot type, the version is always $LATEST.

_request_id => Str