Paws::Lightsail::CreateLoadBalancer - Arguments for method CreateLoadBalancer on Paws::Lightsail


This class represents the parameters used for calling the method CreateLoadBalancer on the Amazon Lightsail service. Use the attributes of this class as arguments to method CreateLoadBalancer.

You shouldn't make instances of this class. Each attribute should be used as a named argument in the call to CreateLoadBalancer.


    my $lightsail = Paws->service('Lightsail');
    my $CreateLoadBalancerResult = $lightsail->CreateLoadBalancer(
      InstancePort                => 1,
      LoadBalancerName            => 'MyResourceName',
      CertificateAlternativeNames => [ 'MyDomainName', ... ],    # OPTIONAL
      CertificateDomainName       => 'MyDomainName',             # OPTIONAL
      CertificateName             => 'MyResourceName',           # OPTIONAL
      HealthCheckPath             => 'Mystring',                 # OPTIONAL
      Tags                        => [
          Key   => 'MyTagKey',                                   # OPTIONAL
          Value => 'MyTagValue',                                 # OPTIONAL
      ],                                                         # OPTIONAL

    # Results:
    my $Operations = $CreateLoadBalancerResult->Operations;

    # Returns a L<Paws::Lightsail::CreateLoadBalancerResult> object.

Values for attributes that are native types (Int, String, Float, etc) can passed as-is (scalar values). Values for complex Types (objects) can be passed as a HashRef. The keys and values of the hashref will be used to instance the underlying object. For the AWS API documentation, see


CertificateAlternativeNames => ArrayRef[Str|Undef]

The optional alternative domains and subdomains to use with your SSL/TLS certificate (e.g.,,,,

CertificateDomainName => Str

The domain name with which your certificate is associated (e.g.,

If you specify certificateDomainName, then certificateName is required (and vice-versa).

CertificateName => Str

The name of the SSL/TLS certificate.

If you specify certificateName, then certificateDomainName is required (and vice-versa).

HealthCheckPath => Str

The path you provided to perform the load balancer health check. If you didn't specify a health check path, Lightsail uses the root path of your website (e.g., "/").

You may want to specify a custom health check path other than the root of your application if your home page loads slowly or has a lot of media or scripting on it.

REQUIRED InstancePort => Int

The instance port where you're creating your load balancer.

REQUIRED LoadBalancerName => Str

The name of your load balancer.

Tags => ArrayRef[Paws::Lightsail::Tag]

The tag keys and optional values to add to the resource during create.

To tag a resource after it has been created, see the tag resource operation.


This class forms part of Paws, documenting arguments for method CreateLoadBalancer in Paws::Lightsail


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