Paws::MarketplaceEntitlement - Perl Interface to AWS AWS Marketplace Entitlement Service


  use Paws;

  my $obj = Paws->service('MarketplaceEntitlement');
  my $res = $obj->Method(
    Arg1 => $val1,
    Arg2 => [ 'V1', 'V2' ],
    # if Arg3 is an object, the HashRef will be used as arguments to the constructor
    # of the arguments type
    Arg3 => { Att1 => 'Val1' },
    # if Arg4 is an array of objects, the HashRefs will be passed as arguments to
    # the constructor of the arguments type
    Arg4 => [ { Att1 => 'Val1'  }, { Att1 => 'Val2' } ],


AWS Marketplace Entitlement Service

This reference provides descriptions of the AWS Marketplace Entitlement Service API.

AWS Marketplace Entitlement Service is used to determine the entitlement of a customer to a given product. An entitlement represents capacity in a product owned by the customer. For example, a customer might own some number of users or seats in an SaaS application or some amount of data capacity in a multi-tenant database.

Getting Entitlement Records

  • GetEntitlements- Gets the entitlements for a Marketplace product.

For the AWS API documentation, see



ProductCode => Str
[Filter => Paws::MarketplaceEntitlement::GetEntitlementFilters]
[MaxResults => Int]
[NextToken => Str]

Each argument is described in detail in: Paws::MarketplaceEntitlement::GetEntitlements

Returns: a Paws::MarketplaceEntitlement::GetEntitlementsResult instance

GetEntitlements retrieves entitlement values for a given product. The results can be filtered based on customer identifier or product dimensions.


Paginator methods are helpers that repetively call methods that return partial results

GetAllEntitlements(sub { },ProductCode => Str, [Filter => Paws::MarketplaceEntitlement::GetEntitlementFilters, MaxResults => Int, NextToken => Str])

GetAllEntitlements(ProductCode => Str, [Filter => Paws::MarketplaceEntitlement::GetEntitlementFilters, MaxResults => Int, NextToken => Str])

If passed a sub as first parameter, it will call the sub for each element found in :

 - Entitlements, passing the object as the first parameter, and the string 'Entitlements' as the second parameter 

If not, it will return a a Paws::MarketplaceEntitlement::GetEntitlementsResult instance with all the params; from all the responses. Please take into account that this mode can potentially consume vasts ammounts of memory.


This service class forms part of Paws


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