Arn => Str

The Unique ARN of the input (generated, immutable).

AttachedChannels => ArrayRef[Str|Undef]

A list of channel IDs that that input is attached to (currently an input can only be attached to one channel).

Destinations => ArrayRef[Paws::MediaLive::InputDestination]

A list of the destinations of the input (PUSH-type).

Id => Str

The generated ID of the input (unique for user account, immutable).

MediaConnectFlows => ArrayRef[Paws::MediaLive::MediaConnectFlow]

A list of MediaConnect Flows for this input.

Name => Str

The user-assigned name (This is a mutable value).

RoleArn => Str

The Amazon Resource Name (ARN) of the role this input assumes during and after creation.

SecurityGroups => ArrayRef[Str|Undef]

A list of IDs for all the security groups attached to the input.

Sources => ArrayRef[Paws::MediaLive::InputSource]

A list of the sources of the input (PULL-type).

State => Str

Valid values are: "CREATING", "DETACHED", "ATTACHED", "DELETING", "DELETED" =head2 Tags => Paws::MediaLive::Tags

A collection of key-value pairs.

Type => Str

Valid values are: "UDP_PUSH", "RTP_PUSH", "RTMP_PUSH", "RTMP_PULL", "URL_PULL", "MP4_FILE", "MEDIACONNECT" =head2 _request_id => Str