Arn => Str

Unique offering ARN, e.g. 'arn:aws:medialive:us-west-2:123456789012:offering:87654321'

CurrencyCode => Str

Currency code for usagePrice and fixedPrice in ISO-4217 format, e.g. 'USD'

Duration => Int

Lease duration, e.g. '12'

DurationUnits => Str

Units for duration, e.g. 'MONTHS'

Valid values are: "MONTHS" =head2 FixedPrice => Num

One-time charge for each reserved resource, e.g. '0.0' for a NO_UPFRONT offering

OfferingDescription => Str

Offering description, e.g. 'HD AVC output at 10-20 Mbps, 30 fps, and standard VQ in US West (Oregon)'

OfferingId => Str

Unique offering ID, e.g. '87654321'

OfferingType => Str

Offering type, e.g. 'NO_UPFRONT'

Valid values are: "NO_UPFRONT" =head2 Region => Str

AWS region, e.g. 'us-west-2'

ResourceSpecification => Paws::MediaLive::ReservationResourceSpecification

Resource configuration details

UsagePrice => Num

Recurring usage charge for each reserved resource, e.g. '157.0'

_request_id => Str