Paws::MediaTailor - Perl Interface to AWS AWS MediaTailor


  use Paws;

  my $obj = Paws->service('MediaTailor');
  my $res = $obj->Method(
    Arg1 => $val1,
    Arg2 => [ 'V1', 'V2' ],
    # if Arg3 is an object, the HashRef will be used as arguments to the constructor
    # of the arguments type
    Arg3 => { Att1 => 'Val1' },
    # if Arg4 is an array of objects, the HashRefs will be passed as arguments to
    # the constructor of the arguments type
    Arg4 => [ { Att1 => 'Val1'  }, { Att1 => 'Val2' } ],


Use the AWS Elemental MediaTailor SDK to configure scalable ad insertion for your live and VOD content. With AWS Elemental MediaTailor, you can serve targeted ads to viewers while maintaining broadcast quality in over-the-top (OTT) video applications. For information about using the service, including detailed information about the settings covered in this guide, see the AWS Elemental MediaTailor User Guide.

Through the SDK, you manage AWS Elemental MediaTailor configurations the same as you do through the console. For example, you specify ad insertion behavior and mapping information for the origin server and the ad decision server (ADS).

For the AWS API documentation, see



Name => Str

Each argument is described in detail in: Paws::MediaTailor::DeletePlaybackConfiguration

Returns: a Paws::MediaTailor::DeletePlaybackConfigurationResponse instance

Deletes the configuration for the specified name.


Name => Str

Each argument is described in detail in: Paws::MediaTailor::GetPlaybackConfiguration

Returns: a Paws::MediaTailor::GetPlaybackConfigurationResponse instance

Returns the configuration for the specified name.


[MaxResults => Int]
[NextToken => Str]

Each argument is described in detail in: Paws::MediaTailor::ListPlaybackConfigurations

Returns: a Paws::MediaTailor::ListPlaybackConfigurationsResponse instance

Returns a list of the configurations defined in AWS Elemental MediaTailor. You can specify a max number of configurations to return at a time. The default max is 50. Results are returned in pagefuls. If AWS Elemental MediaTailor has more configurations than the specified max, it provides parameters in the response that you can use to retrieve the next pageful.


[AdDecisionServerUrl => Str]
[CdnConfiguration => Paws::MediaTailor::CdnConfiguration]
[DashConfiguration => Paws::MediaTailor::DashConfigurationForPut]
[Name => Str]
[SlateAdUrl => Str]
[TranscodeProfileName => Str]
[VideoContentSourceUrl => Str]

Each argument is described in detail in: Paws::MediaTailor::PutPlaybackConfiguration

Returns: a Paws::MediaTailor::PutPlaybackConfigurationResponse instance

Adds a new configuration to AWS Elemental MediaTailor.


Paginator methods are helpers that repetively call methods that return partial results

ListAllPlaybackConfigurations(sub { },[MaxResults => Int, NextToken => Str])

ListAllPlaybackConfigurations([MaxResults => Int, NextToken => Str])

If passed a sub as first parameter, it will call the sub for each element found in :

 - Items, passing the object as the first parameter, and the string 'Items' as the second parameter 

If not, it will return a a Paws::MediaTailor::ListPlaybackConfigurationsResponse instance with all the params; from all the responses. Please take into account that this mode can potentially consume vasts ammounts of memory.


This service class forms part of Paws


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