NextToken => Str

This is not currently implemented for DescribeServers requests.

Servers => ArrayRef[Paws::OpsWorksCM::Server]

Contains the response to a DescribeServers request.

For Chef Automate servers: If DescribeServersResponse$Servers$EngineAttributes includes CHEF_MAJOR_UPGRADE_AVAILABLE, you can upgrade the Chef Automate server to Chef Automate 2. To be eligible for upgrade, a server running Chef Automate 1 must have had at least one successful maintenance run after November 1, 2019.

For Puppet Server: DescribeServersResponse$Servers$EngineAttributes contains PUPPET_API_CA_CERT. This is the PEM-encoded CA certificate that is used by the Puppet API over TCP port number 8140. The CA certificate is also used to sign node certificates.

_request_id => Str