Faces => ArrayRef[Paws::Rekognition::FaceDetection]

An array of faces detected in the video. Each element contains a detected face's details and the time, in milliseconds from the start of the video, the face was detected.

JobStatus => Str

The current status of the face detection job.

Valid values are: "IN_PROGRESS", "SUCCEEDED", "FAILED" =head2 NextToken => Str

If the response is truncated, Amazon Rekognition returns this token that you can use in the subsequent request to retrieve the next set of faces.

StatusMessage => Str

If the job fails, StatusMessage provides a descriptive error message.

VideoMetadata => Paws::Rekognition::VideoMetadata

Information about a video that Amazon Rekognition Video analyzed. Videometadata is returned in every page of paginated responses from a Amazon Rekognition video operation.

_request_id => Str