Containers => ArrayRef[Paws::SageMaker::ContainerDefinition]

The containers in the inference pipeline.

REQUIRED CreationTime => Str

A timestamp that shows when the model was created.

EnableNetworkIsolation => Bool

If True, no inbound or outbound network calls can be made to or from the model container.

The Semantic Segmentation built-in algorithm does not support network isolation.

REQUIRED ExecutionRoleArn => Str

The Amazon Resource Name (ARN) of the IAM role that you specified for the model.

REQUIRED ModelArn => Str

The Amazon Resource Name (ARN) of the model.

REQUIRED ModelName => Str

Name of the Amazon SageMaker model.

PrimaryContainer => Paws::SageMaker::ContainerDefinition

The location of the primary inference code, associated artifacts, and custom environment map that the inference code uses when it is deployed in production.

VpcConfig => Paws::SageMaker::VpcConfig

A VpcConfig object that specifies the VPC that this model has access to. For more information, see Protect Endpoints by Using an Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (

_request_id => Str