This class represents one of two things:

Arguments in a call to a service

Use the attributes of this class as arguments to methods. You shouldn't make instances of this class. Each attribute should be used as a named argument in the calls that expect this type of object.

As an example, if Att1 is expected to be a Paws::SageMaker::SearchExpression object:

  $service_obj->Method(Att1 => { Filters => $value, ..., SubExpressions => $value  });

Results returned from an API call

Use accessors for each attribute. If Att1 is expected to be an Paws::SageMaker::SearchExpression object:

  $result = $service_obj->Method(...);


A multi-expression that searches for the specified resource or resources in a search. All resource objects that satisfy the expression's condition are included in the search results. You must specify at least one subexpression, filter, or nested filter. A SearchExpression can contain up to twenty elements.

A SearchExpression contains the following components:

  • A list of Filter objects. Each filter defines a simple Boolean expression comprised of a resource property name, Boolean operator, and value.

  • A list of NestedFilter objects. Each nested filter defines a list of Boolean expressions using a list of resource properties. A nested filter is satisfied if a single object in the list satisfies all Boolean expressions.

  • A list of SearchExpression objects. A search expression object can be nested in a list of search expression objects.

  • A Boolean operator: And or Or.


Filters => ArrayRef[Paws::SageMaker::Filter]

  A list of filter objects.

NestedFilters => ArrayRef[Paws::SageMaker::NestedFilters]

  A list of nested filter objects.

Operator => Str

  A Boolean operator used to evaluate the search expression. If you want
every conditional statement in all lists to be satisfied for the entire
search expression to be true, specify C<And>. If only a single
conditional statement needs to be true for the entire search expression
to be true, specify C<Or>. The default value is C<And>.

SubExpressions => ArrayRef[Paws::SageMaker::SearchExpression]

  A list of search expression objects.


This class forms part of Paws, describing an object used in Paws::SageMaker


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