This class represents one of two things:

Arguments in a call to a service

Use the attributes of this class as arguments to methods. You shouldn't make instances of this class. Each attribute should be used as a named argument in the calls that expect this type of object.

As an example, if Att1 is expected to be a Paws::SimpleWorkflow::DecisionTaskScheduledEventAttributes object:

  $service_obj->Method(Att1 => { StartToCloseTimeout => $value, ..., TaskPriority => $value  });

Results returned from an API call

Use accessors for each attribute. If Att1 is expected to be an Paws::SimpleWorkflow::DecisionTaskScheduledEventAttributes object:

  $result = $service_obj->Method(...);


Provides details about the DecisionTaskScheduled event.


StartToCloseTimeout => Str

  The maximum duration for this decision task. The task is considered
timed out if it doesn't completed within this duration.

The duration is specified in seconds, an integer greater than or equal to 0. You can use NONE to specify unlimited duration.

REQUIRED TaskList => Paws::SimpleWorkflow::TaskList

  The name of the task list in which the decision task was scheduled.

TaskPriority => Str

  A task priority that, if set, specifies the priority for this decision
task. Valid values are integers that range from Java's
C<Integer.MIN_VALUE> (-2147483648) to C<Integer.MAX_VALUE>
(2147483647). Higher numbers indicate higher priority.

For more information about setting task priority, see Setting Task Priority ( in the Amazon SWF Developer Guide.


This class forms part of Paws, describing an object used in Paws::SimpleWorkflow


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