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  Penguin::Easy -- provides easy access to Penguin module.


  use Penguin::Easy;
  my $ep = new Penguin::Easy Title => 'Easy Program',
                             Name => 'James Duncan',
                             Sig => $my_pgp_sig,
                             Code => $my_perl_code;
  $results = $ep->run;
  print "$results\n";


Penguin::Easy is an OO module, that provides quick-and-dirty access to the penguin module for those not wanting to learn the nittygrittys about it. The Easy module provides transparent access to the Penguin module, even to the extent of deciding whether the Penguin code should be transparently wrapped, or PGP wrapped (if you include a sig in the call to the new method, it will use PGP).


While writing this little module, I've decided that Wrapper is perhaps one of the funniest words I have ever seen. It has completly lost all meaning.