Perinci::Access::Schemeless::DBI - Subclass of Perinci::Access::Schemeless which gets lists of entities (and metadata) from DBI database


This document describes version 0.090 of Perinci::Access::Schemeless::DBI (from Perl distribution Perinci-Access-Schemeless-DBI), released on 2019-08-14.


 use DBI;
 use Perinci::Access::Schemeless::DBI;

 my $dbh = DBI->connect(...);
 my $pa = Perinci::Access::Schemeless::DBI->new(dbh => $dbh);

 my $res;

 # will retrieve list of code entities from database
 $res = $pa->request(list => "/Foo/");

 # will also get metadata from database
 $res = $pa->request(meta => "/Foo/Bar/func1");

 # the rest are the same like Perinci::Access::Schemeless
 $res = $pa->request(actions => "/Foo/");


This subclass of Perinci::Access::Schemeless gets lists of code entities (currently only packages and functions) from a DBI database (instead of from listing Perl packages on the filesystem). It can also retrieve Rinci metadata from said database (instead of from %SPEC package variables).

Currently, you must have a table containing list of packages named package with columns name (package name), metadata (Rinci metadata, encoded in JSON); and a table containing list of functions named function with columns package (package name), name (function name), and metadata (normalized Rinci metadata, encoded in JSON). Table and column names will be configurable in the future. An example of the table's contents:

 name      metadata
 ----      ---------
 Foo::Bar  (null)
 Foo::Baz  {"v":"1.1"}

 package   name         metadata
 ------    ----         --------
 Foo::Bar  func1        {"v":"1.1","summary":"function 1","args":{}}
 Foo::Bar  func2        {"v":"1.1","summary":"function 2","args":{}}
 Foo::Baz  func3        {"v":"1.1","summary":"function 3","args":{"a":{"schema":["int",{},{}]}}}


The subclass overrides get_meta() and action_list(). Thus, this modifies behaviors of the following Riap actions: list, meta, child_metas.

new(%args) => OBJ

Aside from its parent class, this class recognizes these attributes:

  • dbh => OBJ (required)

    DBI database handle.

  • fallback_on_completion => BOOL (default: 0)

    If set to true, then for complete_arg_val and complete_arg_elem, if metadata has a non-coderef completion or element_completion in its argument spec, then will fallback to parent class Perinci::Access::Schemeless for metadata.



Rationale for this module?

If you have a large number of packages and functions, you might want to avoid reading Perl modules on the filesystem.

I have completion routine for my argument, completion no longer works?

For example, suppose your function metadata is something like this:

     v => 1.1,
     summary => 'Delete account',
     args => {
         name => {
             summary => 'Account name',
             completion => sub {
                 my %args = @_;
                 my $word = $args{word};
                 search_accounts(prefix => $word);

When this is stored in the database, most serialization format (JSON included) doesn't save the code in completion. If you use Data::Clean::JSON, by default the coderef will be replaced with plain string CODE. This prevents completion to work e.g. if you request with this Riap request:

 {action=>'complete_arg_val', uri=>..., arg=>'name'}

One solution is to fallback to its parent class Perinci::Access::Schemeless (which reads metadata from Perl source files) for meta request when doing completion. To do this, you can set the attribute fallback_on_completion.


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