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Perl::Command - return an ARGV for running this perl


 use Perl::Command;

 # clear PERL5LIB and PERL5OPT to stop any monkey business

 system(@PERL, "-le", "print for @INC");


This module exports one symbol - @PERL, which is very similar to $^X (see "$^X" in perlvar), except it also contains a list of commands which will give the sub-perl all of the same @INC paths as this one.

This is a very trivial module; its principle use is for bundling with modules whose test scripts need to test running scripts.


Sam Vilain, <>.


Copyright (c) 2008, Catalyst IT (NZ) Ltd. This program is free software; you may use it and/or redistribute it under the same terms as Perl itself.


For the complete history,

  git clone git://


If you find an error, please submit the failure as an addition to the test suite, as a patch. Version control is at:


See the file SubmittingPatches in the distribution for a basic command sequence you can use for this. Feel free to also harass me via or mail me something other than a patch, but you win points for just submitting a patch in `git-format-patch` format that I can easily apply and work on next time.

To take that to its logical extension, you can expect well written patch series which include test cases and clearly described progressive changes to spur me to release a new version of the module with your great new feature in it. Because I hopefully didn't have to do any coding for that, just review.