Perl::Critic::Policy::Compatibility::Gtk2Constants - new enough Gtk2 version for its constants


This policy is part of the Perl::Critic::Pulp add-on. It requires that if you use certain constant subs from Gtk2 and Glib then you must explicitly have a use of a high enough version of those modules.

    use Gtk2 1.160;
    ... return Gtk2::EVENT_PROPAGATE;  # bad

    use Gtk2 1.200 ':constants';
    ... return GDK_CURRENT_TIME;       # good

The following Gtk2 constants are checked,

    GTK_PRIORITY_RESIZE       # new in Gtk2 1.200 (devel 1.190)

    EVENT_PROPAGATE           # new in Gtk2 1.220 (devel 1.210)

    GTK_PATH_PRIO_LOWEST      # new in Gtk2 1.220 (devel 1.211)

and the following Glib constants

    SOURCE_CONTINUE           # new in Glib 1.220 (devel 1.210)

The idea is to keep you from using the constants without a new enough Gtk2 or Glib. Of course there's a huge number of other things you might do that also require a new enough version, but these constants tripped me up a few times.

The exact version numbers above and demanded are development versions. You're probably best off rounding up to a "stable" one like 1.200 or 1.220.

As always if you don't care about this and in particular if for instance you only ever use Gtk2 1.220 or higher anyway then you can disable Gtk2Constants from your .perlcriticrc in the usual way (see "CONFIGURATION" in Perl::Critic),


Constant Forms

Constants are recognised as any of for instance


When there's a class name given it's checked, so that other uses of say EVENT_PROPAGATE aren't picked up.

    Some::Other::Thing::EVENT_PROPAGATE      # ok
    Some::Other::Thing->EVENT_PROPAGATE      # ok
    &Some::Other::Thing::EVENT_PROPAGATE     # ok

When there's no class name, then it's only assumed to be Gtk2 or Glib when the respective module has been included.

    use Something::Else;
    EVENT_PROPAGATE           # ok

    use Gtk2 ':constants';
    EVENT_PROPAGATE           # bad

In the latter form there's no check for :constants or explicit import in the use, it's assumed that if you've used Gtk2 then EVENT_PROPAGATE means that one no matter how the imports might be arranged.


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