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Perl::Critic::Policy::Moo::ProhibitMakeImmutable - Makes sure that Moo classes do not contain calls to make_immutable. (DEPRECATED)


When migrating from Moose to Moo it can be a common issue to accidentally leave in:


This policy complains if this exists in a Moo class as it triggers Moose to be loaded and metaclass created, which defeats some of the benefits you get using Moo instead of Moose.


This module has lost its usefulness as Moo's behavior is now clearly documented as NOT loading Moose when make_immutable is called.

Read more about the "meta" in Moo method for details of the current behavior.


    Aran Clary Deltac <>
    Kivanc Yazan <>
    Graham TerMarsch <>


Thanks to ZipRecruiter for encouraging their employees to contribute back to the open source ecosystem. Without their dedication to quality software development this distribution would not exist.


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