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PerlIO::via::EscStatus::ShowAll - print all status lines


 use PerlIO::via::EscStatus::ShowAll;
 binmode (STDOUT, ':via(EscStatus::ShowAll)') or die;


This is a variant of the EscStatus layer which prints all status lines coming through the stream, just with a newline each. The effect is that instead of each new status overwriting the previous they all display, scrolling up the screen. This is mainly intended for development or diagnostic use.

With the current EscStatus output format this layer merely strips the EscStatus "APC" intro control sequence and lets the rest go straight through. If your terminal doesn't mind miscellaneous APC sequences then it might even be readable with no filtering at all.

See examples/ for a complete program using ShowAll.


PerlIO::via::EscStatus, PerlIO::via



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