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PerlIO::via::EscStatus::ShowNone - suppress all status lines


 use PerlIO::via::EscStatus::ShowNone;
 binmode (STDOUT, ':via(EscStatus::ShowNone)') or die;


EscStatus::ShowNone is a variant of the EscStatus layer which doesn't show any status lines coming through the stream at all, only the ordinary output. This can be used for a batch mode or non-interactive mode in a program.

Of course for batch mode it's also possible simply not to print statuses in the first place. You can decide whether it's easier to check a mode flag at the print, or push a layer to strip what's printed. A layer may be easier for suppressing prints from a library or independent parts of a program.

See examples/ for a complete program using ShowNone.


PerlIO::via::EscStatus, PerlIO::via



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