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PerlPoint::Tags::HTML - PerlPoint tag set used by pp2html


 # declare tags used by pp2html
 use PerlPoint::Tags::HTML;


This module declares PerlPoint tags used by pp2html. Tag declarations are used by the parser to determine if a used tag is valid, if it needs options, if it needs a body and so on. Please see PerlPoint::Tags for a detailed description of tag declaration.

Every PerlPoint translator willing to handle the tags of this module can declare this by using the module in the scope where it built the parser object.

 # declare basic tags
 use PerlPoint::Tags::HTML

 # load parser module
 use PerlPoint::Parser;


 # build parser
 my $parser=new PerlPoint::Parser(...);




Anchor tag for setting marks which can be used in cross references etc..

\L{url="target"}<text of hyperlink>

Link tag for defining hyperlinks to other HTML pages.


Link tag for defining hyperlinks to other HTML pages. The target itself is used as text of the hyperlink.

\BOXCOLORS{fg="fg_color" bg="bg_color"}

This is used for defining the foreground and background colors of text boxes.

\PAGE_COLORS{fg="fg_color" bg="bg_color"}

This tag can be used to set individual foreground and background colors for each page. It is also possible to change LINKCOLOR, ALINKCOLOR and VLINKCOLOR on each page:

  \PAGE_COLORS{link="#aaaaaa" alink="#cc0000" vlink="black"}

Each page which has no explicit setting via \PAGE_COLORS{} will use the default settings or the settings which are provided via color options.


Formating tag for a superscript.


Formating tag for a subscript.


Formating tag for underlined text.

\E<html escape>

Formating tag for HTML escape characters, e.g. \E<gt>

\F{color="color" size=5 face="arial"}<text with special attributes>

Formating tag for text.


Cross reference to a page (slide), using the page number of this page as the text of this reference.


Cross reference to a page (slide), using the header of this page as the text of this reference.

\XREF{name="target"}<text of cross reference>

Tag for a cross reference. The target shoud be defined by an \A-Tag.

\X<text for index>
\X{mode=index_only}<text for index only>

Tag for an index entry.


Tag for a horizontal line.


Tag for a line break.


No sets are currently defined.



The tag declaration base "class".


Basic Tags imported by pp2html.


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