Permute::Named::Iter - Permute multiple-valued key-value pairs


This document describes version 0.04 of Permute::Named::Iter (from Perl distribution Permute-Named-Iter), released on 2016-09-26.


 use Permute::Named::Iter qw(permute_named_iter);

 my $iter = permute_named_iter(bool => [ 0, 1 ], x => [qw(foo bar baz)]);
 while (my $h = $iter->()) {
     some_setup() if $h->{bool};
     # ... now maybe do some tests ...


This module is like Permute::Named, except that it offers an iterator interface. Some other differences: 1) it only accepts an even-sized list and not arrayref or hashref; 2) it does not use deep cloning, so if one of the values is a reference and you modify the content of the reference, the next iteration will see the modification; 3) the function permute_named_iter is not exported by default, you have to import it explicitly.


permute_named_iter(@list) => CODE

Takes a list of key-specification pairs where the specifications can be single values or references to arrays of possible values. It then returns an iterator (coderef) which you can call repeatedly to permute all key-specification combinations.

The function expects the pairs as an even-sized list. Each specification can be a scalar or a reference to an array of possible values. The returned iterator can be called and will return a hashref, or undef if all the permutation has been exhausted.

Example 1:

 my $iter = permute_named_iter(bool => [ 0, 1 ], x => [qw(foo bar baz)]);
 my @p; while (my $h = $iter->()) { push @p, $h }

@p will contain:

 ( { bool => 0, x => 'foo' },
   { bool => 0, x => 'bar' },
   { bool => 0, x => 'baz' },
   { bool => 1, x => 'foo' },
   { bool => 1, x => 'bar' },
   { bool => 1, x => 'baz' }, )

Example 2:

 my $iter = permute_named_iter(bool => 1, x => 'foo');
 my @p; while (my $h = $iter->()) { push @p, $h }

@p will just contain the one permutation:

 ({bool => 1, x => 'foo'})


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Permute::Named, PERLANCAR::Permute::Named and CLI permute-named.

Set::CrossProduct, Set::Product, et al (see the POD of Set::Product for more similar modules) and CLI cross.


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