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Physics::Ballistics -- Ballistics formulae.


Ballistics is the study of the launching, flight and effects of projectiles. This distribution provides various formulae producing metrics of internal, external and terminal ballistics.

These formulae are primarily oriented towards the ballistics of small arms bullets between 5mm and 14mm and diameter, and to a lesser extent heavier hypervelocity projectiles ("long rod" penetrators) and shaped charges.

More extensive documentation is available in each of these three constituent modules.


Physics::Ballistics::Internal - launch mechanics

Physics::Ballistics::External - flight mechanics

Physics::Ballistics::Terminal - terminal effects


I would like Physics::Ballistics to provide the integrated functionality of these modules in an object-oriented way, someday.

Some rocket physics functions are works in progress. Those might get integrated here eventually.

The units used and returned by these functions are horribly inconsistent, but at least they are documented. They might be made more consistent in the future.

See also the individual modules for module-specific to-do lists.


TTK Ciar, <ttk[at]ciar[dot]org>


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