Pinto::Remote::SelfContained - interact with a remote Pinto repository


Pinto::Remote::SelfContained is a partial clone of Pinto::Remote, but without the server parts, and therefore a much smaller dependency graph. Documentation can be found in that module.

This class exists for situations where your organisation is using Pinto, and doesn't currently have the bandwidth to move away from it to any alternative, but wants something smaller than the whole of Pinto for interacting with the remote repo.


run($action_name => %action_args)

Loads the Action subclass for the given $action_name and constructs an object using the given $action_args. If the subclass Pinto::Remote::SelfContained::Action::$action_name does not exist, then it falls back to the Pinto::Remote::SelfContained::Action base class.


Aaron Crane, <>


Copyright 2020 Aaron Crane.


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