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Plack::Middleware::SetEnvFromHeader - Set environment variables from the values of request headers


    # in app.psgi
    use Plack::Builder;

    builder {
        enable 'SetEnvFromHeader' =>
            REMOTE_USER => "X-Proxy-REMOTE-USER";

    # with plackup
    plackup -e 'enable SetEnvFromHeader => REMOTE_USER => "X-Testing-User"' app.psgi


SetEnvFromHeader modifies the environment passed to the application by adding your specified keys with the values pulled from the request header.

This is primarily useful when testing apps under plackup (or similar) in a development environment.

It may also be desireable in production to provide standard environment values via non-standard headers, but if you're using this for security-sensitive values like REMOTE_USER make sure no one can make direct requests to your backend!


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This library is free software; you may redistribute it and/or modify it under development environment, or for providing standard environment valuthe same terms as Perl itself.