Author image Alastair McGowan-Douglas
and 1 contributors


Pod::Cats::Parser::MGC - Parser for in Pod::Cats


Entities in Pod::Cats can be demarcated by any set of delimiters, configured in "new" in Pod::Cats. That configuration ends up here.

Given a string with entities so demarcated, recursively extracts the contents of the entities and passes them to the Pod::Cats object for handling.

Thus collates a sequence of (normal string, element, normal string), etc. The exact contents of element depends on what your Pod::Cats subclass does with the contents of the element; but the contents of normal string is just the original text up to the first element.

element may, of course, be another sequence of the above, because it's pseudo-recursive (actually it just trundles along iteratively, maintaining a nesting level and an expectation of ending delimiters).



Constructs a new parser object. Accepts a hash of obj and delimiters.

obj is required and must contain a Pod::Cats subclass; delimiters defaults to "<", like normal POD.

See "new" in Pod::Cats for delimiters.


See Parser::MGC for how parse works. This just finds entities based on the configured delimiters, and fires events to the object provided to "new".