Author image Peter Prymmer


Pod::Hlp - convert POD data to formatted VMS HLP Help module text.


    use Pod::Hlp;



    pod2hlp < input.pod


    perl pod2hlb


Pod::Hlp is a module that can convert documentation in the POD format (such as can be found throughout the Perl distribution) into formatted VMS *.HLP files. Such files can be inserted into an .HLB library through the LIBRARY/HELP/REPLACE system call, or via the use of the pod2hlb script supplied with the kit. A separate pod2hlp program is included that is primarily a wrapper for Pod::Hlp.

The single function pod2hlp() can take one, two, or three arguments. The first should be the name of a file to read the pod from, or "<&STDIN" to read from STDIN. A second argument, if provided, should be an integer indicating the help header level of the file as a whole where '1' is the default. A third argument, if provided, should be a filehandle glob where output should be sent.


Peter Prymmer <>

based heavily on Pod::Text by:

Tom Christiansen <>


Cleanup work. VT escapes should be substituted for the Term::Cap ones. The input and output locations need to be more flexible.