Pod::Weaver::Plugin::Bencher::Scenario - Plugin to use when building Bencher::Scenario::* distribution


This document describes version 0.244 of Pod::Weaver::Plugin::Bencher::Scenario (from Perl distribution Pod-Weaver-Plugin-Bencher-Scenario), released on 2019-10-20.


In your weaver.ini:



This plugin is to be used when building Bencher::Scenario::* distribution. It can also be used for Acme::CPANModules::* distribution which contain benchmarking information. Currently it does the following:

For each lib/Bencher/Scenario/* or lib/Acme/CPANModules/* module files:

  • Add a Synopsis section (if doesn't already exist) containing a few examples on how to benchmark using the scenario

  • Add a description about Bencher in the Description section

    Only for lib/Bencher/Scenario/* module files.

  • Add a Benchmark Participants section containing list of participants from the scenario

  • Add a Sample Benchmark Results containing result from a bencher run

    Both normal benchmark and a separate module startup benchmark (if eligible) are run and shown.

  • Add a Benchmarked Modules section containing list of benchmarked modules (if any) from the scenario and their versions

  • Create lib/Bencher/ScenarioR/* or lib/Acme/CPANModules_ScenarioR/* module files that contain sample benchmark result data

    These module files contain the raw data, while the Sample Benchmark Results POD section of the scenario module contains the formatted result. The raw data might be useful later. For example I'm thinking of adding a utility later, perhaps in the form of an lcpan subcommand, that can guess whether a module is relatively fast or slow (compared to similar implementations, which are other participants on benchmark scenarios). The utility can then suggest faster alternatives.

For each lib/Bencher/Scenarios/* module files:

  • Add list of scenario modules at the beginning of Description section


include_module+ => str

Filter only certain scenario modules. Can be specified multiple times.

exclude_module+ => str

Exclude certain scenario modules. Can be specified multiple times.

sample_bench+ => hash

Add a sample benchmark. Value is a hash which can contain these keys: title (specify title for the benchmark), args (hash arguments for bencher()) or file (instead of running bencher(), use the result from JSON file). Can be specified multiple times.

bench => bool (default: 1)

Set to 0 if you do not want to produce any sample benchmarks (including module startup benchmark).

bench_startup => bool (default: 1)

Set to 0 if you do not want to produce module startup sample benchmark.

gen_html_tables => bool (default: 0)

result_split_fields => str

If specified, will split result table into multiple tables using the specified fields (comma-separated). For example:

 result_split_fields = dataset


 result_split_fields = participant

Note that module startup benchmark result is not split.

chart => bool (default: 0)

Whether to produce chart or not. The chart files will be stored in share/images/bencher-result-N.png where N is the table number.

Note that this plugin will produce this snippets:

 # IMAGE: share/images/bencher-result-N.png

and you'll need to add the plugin Dist::Zilla::Plugin::InsertDistImage to convert it to actual HTML.


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