Pod::Webserver::Source - Plugin to Pod::Webserver for Viewing Source Code


  use Pod::Webserver;
  use Pod::Webserver::Source; # Add this line to 'podwebserver' CLI.


This software adds source code viewing support to Pod::Webserver. Optional Perl::Tidy support is included. If Perl::Tidy has been installed, the source code will be formatted using the following Perl::Tidy arguments: -html -npod -nnn. You may override these arguments by resetting the package variable $Pod::Webserver::Source::PERLTIDY_ARGV to a list reference or string containing your personal preferences. Your ~/.perltidyrc file will be honored in the same way Perl::Tidy would honor it. If Perl::Tidy is not installed source code will be formatted in plain text and prefixed with line numbers.

Viewing the source of a module is simple, just click on the link in the header next to the back link called Source.

Due to the nature of this code it is imperitive that Pod::Webserver::Source be loaded after Pod::Webserver as demonstrated in the SYNOPSIS.

MODIFY podwebserver

Here's a Perl-ish way to modify podwebserver as I know it, distributed with version 3.02 of Pod::Webserver.

  perl -pi -e'eof and
    $_ .= "use Pod::Webserver::Source;\n"' `which podwebserver`


Pod::Webserver, Perl::Tidy, perl.


Much of this code was ripped from various pieces written by Sean Burke who did all the hard work. I merely mutilated his code to produce this functionality.


Casey West, <>.


  Copyright (c) 2005 Casey West.  All rights reserved.
  This module is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
  under the same terms as Perl itself.