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Pod::XPath - use XPath expressions to navigate a POD document


    use Pod::XPath;
    my $pod = Pod::XPath->new($podfile);

    my $head1nodes = $pod->find("/pod/sect1");


Pod::XPath allows accessing elements of a POD document using XPath expressions. The document or string is first turned into XML using Pod::XML, and then passed to XML::XPath to parse.

All standard XPath expressions can be used to retrieve data from the document. See Pod::XML for a description of the document produced from the POD document. The object returned from new is an instance of XML::XPath; see XML::XPath.

Pod::XPath can be invoked with any one of the following:


A path to a POD document. If the path is relative, it is taken as relative to the current working directory.

    my $pod = Pod::XPath->new("$ENV{HOME}/lib/MyDoc.pod");

A module name. This has to contain ::.

    my $pod = Pod::XPath->new("Pod::XPath");
GLOB ref

A filehandle.

    my $pod = Pod::XPath->new(\*STDIN);


To get all the major sections of a document (i.e., all the head1 sections), use:

    my $head1_nodeset = $pod->find("/pod/sect1");

From there, to get subsections:

    for my $head1 ($head1_nodeset->get_nodelist) {
        print $head1->find("title/text()"), "\n";
        $head2_nodeset = $head1->find("sect2");
        for $head2 ($head2_nodeset->get_nodelist) {
            print "\t", $head2->find("title/text()"), "\n"

To get the SYNOPSIS:

    $synopsis = $pod->find('/pod/sect1[title/text() = "SYNOPSIS"]');

Or the SEE ALSO list:

    $see_also = $pod->find('/pod/sect1[title/text() = "SEE ALSO"]');

The author's name:

    print $pod->find('/pod/sect1[title/text() = "AUTHOR"]/para[1]/text()');

To get the name of the version of Data::Dumper:

    use Data::Dumper;
    my $pod = Pod::XPath->new($INC{'Data/'});

    print $pod->find('/pod/sect1[title/text() = "VERSION"]/para[1]/text()');


Pod::XPath is supported by the author.


This is Pod::XPath, revision $Revision: 1.4 $.


darren chamberlain <>


(C) 2003 darren chamberlain

This library is free software; you may distribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.


Perl, XML::XPath, Pod::XML