PostScript::MailLabels::BasicData - Basic data that is used by the MailLabels module.


        Loads up a few basic data items :

        Font metrics

        PS code for generating a calibration page

        PS code for generating a test page

        PS code for PostNET font

        Standard paper sizes

        Specs for Avery (tm) forms (incomplete)


        All this does is initialize a bunch of data items. Not intended to be
        used by normal people. It just makes the code more
        compact. The documentation is probably not too complete.

        Note that the font metrics camne from PostScript::Metrics by Shawn Wallace.
        The PostNET barcode font came from James H. Cloos, Jr.


  require PostScript::MailLabels::BasicData;

  $data = new PostScript::MailLabels::BasicData;

        $code = '8460';
  @layout = @{$data{AVERY}{$code}};

 # layout=>[paper-size,[list of product codes], description,
 #          number per sheet, left-offset, top-offset, width, height]
 #                      distances measured in points

 $testpage = $data{TESTPAGE};


    Version 1.30 Mon Nov 17 20:36:36 CST 2008
    Add Dymo label data (patch from brian d foy)
    Version 1.23 Mon Oct 20 20:09:09 CDT 2008
    Patch had an error - repired.
    Version 1.22 Sun Oct 19 16:22:56 CDT 2008
    Added Avery 8923 per patch from brian d. foy
    Added Userdefined hook for paper size per request of Jim Albert
        Version 1.21 Tue Nov 29 20:55:38 CST 2005
        Added Avery 5526 labels per request of Wallace Winfrey
        Version 1.20 - August 2005
        Added patch from Jonathan Kamens
        Version 1.10 - August 2004
        Added 5167 Avery stock
        Version 1.02 - January 2001
        Fixed calibration axis labels to work for arbitrary paper size
        Added y_gap to Avery data
        Version 1.01 - December 2000
        Added pagesize parameter to handle paper other than Letter.
        Added more axis labels so that A4 calibration plot would work.


    Alan Jackson
    October 1999