Prima::Widget::IntIndents - indenting support


Provides common functionality for the widgets that delegate part of their surface to border elements. For example, scroll bars and borders in a list box are such elements.


indents ARRAY

Contains four integers specifying the breadth of decoration elements for each side. The first integer is the width of the left element, the second is the height of the lower element, the third is the width of the right element, and the fourth is the height of the upper element.

The property can accept and return the array either as four scalars, or as an anonymous array of four scalars.


get_active_area [ TYPE = 0, WIDTH, HEIGHT ]

Calculates and returns the extension of the area without the border elements, or the active area. The extension is related to the current size of a widget, however, can be overridden by specifying WIDTH and HEIGHT. TYPE is an integer, indicating the requested type of calculation:

TYPE = 0

Returns four integers, defining the area in the inclusive-exclusive coordinates.

TYPE = 1

Returns four integers, defining the area in the inclusive-inclusive coordinates.

TYPE = 2

Returns two integers, the size of the area.


Dmitry Karasik, <>.


Prima, Prima::Widget