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Process::SizeLimit::Core - Apache::SizeLimit::Core, repackaged


This module is simply a re-packaging of Apache::SizeLimit::Core into its own distribution; please refer to Apache::SizeLimit and Plack::Middleware::SizeLimit for sample usage.


唐鳳 <cpan@audreyt.org>, repackaging this module for Plack::Middleware::SizeLimit.

Fred Moyer <fred@redhotpenguin.com>, maintainer of Apache::SizeLimit distribution.

Doug Bagley <doug+modperl@bagley.org>, channeling Procrustes.

Brian Moseley <ix@maz.org>: Solaris 2.6 support

Doug Steinwand and Perrin Harkins <perrin@elem.com>: added support for shared memory and additional diagnostic info

Matt Phillips <mphillips@virage.com> and Mohamed Hendawi <mhendawi@virage.com>: Win32 support

Dave Rolsky <autarch@urth.org>, maintenance and fixes outside of mod_perl tree (0.9+).

Robert Rothenberg <rrwo@cpan.org>, added callback.


Apache License 2.0