Protocol::CassandraCQL::Frame - a byte buffer storing the content of a CQL message frame


This class provides wire-protocol encoding and decoding support for constructing and parsing Cassandra CQL message frames. An object represents a buffer during construction or parsing.

To construct a message frame, create a new empty object and use the pack_* methods to append data to it, before eventually obtaining the actual frame bytes using bytes. Each pack_* method returns the frame object, allowing them to be easily chained:

 my $bytes = Protocol::CassandraCQL::Frame->new
    ->pack_short( 123 )
    ->pack_int( 45678 )
    ->pack_string( "here is the data" )

To parse a message frame, create a new object from the bytes in the message, and use the unpack_* methods to consume the values from it.

 my $frame = Protocol::CassandraCQL::Frame->new( $bytes );
 my $s   = $frame->unpack_short;
 my $i   = $frame->unpack_int;
 my $str = $frame->unpack_string;


$frame = Protocol::CassandraCQL::Frame->new( $bytes )

Returns a new frame buffer, optionally initialised with the given byte string.


$bytes = $frame->bytes

Returns the byte string currently in the buffer.

$frame->pack_byte( $v )

$v = $frame->unpack_byte

Add or remove a byte value.

$frame->pack_short( $v )

$v = $frame->unpack_short

Add or remove a short value.

$frame->pack_int( $v )

$v = $frame->unpack_int

Add or remove an int value.

$frame->pack_string( $v )

$v = $frame->unpack_string

Add or remove a string value.

$frame->pack_lstring( $v )

$v = $frame->unpack_lstring

Add or remove a long string value.

$frame->pack_uuid( $v )

$v = $frame->unpack_uuid

Add or remove a UUID as a plain 16-byte raw scalar

$frame->pack_string_list( $v )

$v = $frame->unpack_string_list

Add or remove a list of strings from or to an ARRAYref

$frame->pack_bytes( $v )

$v = $frame->unpack_bytes

Add or remove opaque bytes or undef.

$frame->pack_short_bytes( $v )

$v = $frame->unpack_short_bytes

Add or remove opaque short bytes.

$frame->pack_inet( $v )

$v = $frame->unpack_inet

Add or remove an IPv4 or IPv6 address from or to a packed sockaddr string (such as returned from pack_sockaddr_in or pack_sockaddr_in6.

$frame->pack_string_map( $v )

$v = $frame->unpack_string_map

Add or remove a string map from or to a HASH of strings.

$frame->pack_string_multimap( $v )

$v = $frame->unpack_string_multimap

Add or remove a string multimap from or to a HASH of ARRAYs of strings.


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