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Qmail::Deliverable::Client - Client for qmail-deliverabled


    use Qmail::Deliverable::Client qw(deliverable);

    $Qmail::Deliverable::Client::SERVER = "";

    if (deliverable "foo@example.com") { ... }


Qmail::Deliverable comes with a daemon program called qmail-deliverabled. This module is a front end to it.

This module requires LWP (libwww-perl), available from CPAN.

Error reporting

The error message for communication failure is reported via a warning, but also available via $Qmail::Deliverable::Client::ERROR.



IP adress and port of the qmail-deliverabled server, joined by a colon. Defaults to, just like the daemon.

This variable can also be assigned a code reference, in which case it is called in scalar context for each remote call, using the returned value.

If the value is undef, then a connection failure is faked, but without the warning.


All documented functions are exportable, and a tag :all is available for convenience.

Unless documented differently, these functions follow the interfaces described in Qmail::Deliverable.

qmail_local $address

As Qmail::Deliverable::qmail_local. Warns and returns "" on communication failure.

deliverable $address
deliverable $local

As Qmail::Deliverable::deliverable. Warns and returns 0x2f on communication failure.


The server on which I benchmarked this, the client+daemon combination (on localhost) reached 300 deliverability checks per second for assigned/virtual users. Real users are slower: around 150 checks per second.


This software is released into the public domain, and does not come with warranty or guarantee of any kind. Use it at your own risk.


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