Stefano Corsi


Quizzer::FrontEnd::Web - web FrontEnd


This is a FrontEnd that acts as a small, stupid web server. It is worth noting that this doesn't worry about security at all, so it really isn't ready for use. It's a proof-of-concept only. In fact, it's probably the crappiest web server ever. It only accpets one client at a time!



Creates and returns an object of this class. The object binds to port 8001, or any port number passed as a parameter to this function.


This method ensures that a client is connected to the web server and waiting for input. If there is no client, it blocks until one connects. As a side affect, when a client connects, this also reads in any HTTP commands it has for us and puts them in the commands property.


Forcibly close the current client's connection to the web server.


Displays the passed text to the client. Can be called multiple times to build up a page.


This overrides to go method in the Base FrontEnd. It goes through each pending Element and asks it to return the html that corresponds to that Element. It bundles all the html together into a web page and displays the web page to the client. Then it waits for the client to fill out the form, parses the client's response and uses that to set values in the database.


Joey Hess <>