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RDF::Simple - read and write RDF without complication


This package is for very simple manipulations of RDF/XML serialisations of RDF graphs. It consists of:


Please consult the individual pod for these packages. The parser requires XML::SAX

Also provided is RDF::Simple::NS, a utility class for XML namespaces in RDF

The aim here is to keep things Simple: e.g., the parser doesn't differentiate between literal and resource values in the model. All you get back is a bucket-o-triples (array of arrays)

Use the parser to read RDF that you recieve.

The serialiser does its best to do DWYM. Use the serialiser to build RDF to send to others.

If you want a more complex and involved RDF API, I'd suggest looking at RDF::Core or at the Attean Semantic web framework at

Please report bugs via RT at <>


Original author = Jo Walsh <> Current maintainer = Martin Thurn <>


Sean Palmer, Paul Mison, Matt Biddulph


This package and its contents are available under the same terms as perl itself