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RPSL - Router Policy Specification Language


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ATTENTION: This module is just a placeholder. You probably want the RPSL::Parser module, if you're interested in parsing RPSL objects into Perl code.

The RFC 2622 specifies a domain specific language named Router Policy Specification Language (RPSL). This language is used by Regional Internet Registries (RIRs), Local Internet Registries (LIRs) and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to describe their routing policies and connection related information (like Autonomos Systems, administrative and technical contacts, abuse mailboxes, etc).

The RPSL is used around the globe by people working with IP address space management and abuse management to identify and cooperate with their corresponding neighbour networks.

As this is a high-volume and somewhat complex non structured declarative language, it's essential to be able to read and write it to several different programming languages, in order to be able to automate the jobs related to RPSL-encoded information.

The purpose of all modules under the RPSL namespace is exactly this: provide a standard, easy-to-use, RFC-compliant object-oriented programming library to allow people to write programs able to read and write proper RPSL.


RFC 2622, the RPSL specification:

RFC 2650, a tutorial on how to use RPSL in the "Real World":

RFC 4012, the new set of simple extensions to the RPSL language introduced in 2005:

RPSL::Parser, a parser able to transform RPSL text into a Perl data structrure.


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