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AddQueuAdminCcs is a ScripAction which should be called for OnQueueChange actions. When a ticket is moved to a new queue, it adds the old queue's AdminCcs as AdminCcs on the ticket.

Note that as currently implemented the action *only* works on queue change transactions, because it uses the transaction object instead of the ticket object and relies on the "old object" in the transaction being a queue. Also, if the scrip is added to a single queue individually instead of all queues globally, it will only run when tickets are moved *into* the queue (although it will correctly add the old queue's AdminCcs to the ticket). This is because RT (as of 3.4.2) apparently only runs the new queue's scrips when a ticket is moved.

The module simply gets the old queue from the transaction object and adds each principal (user or group) to the ticket's AdminCc watcher list iteratively. RT's watcher-addition code takes care of preventing duplicate principals from being added to the ticket.


This extension is Copyright (C) 2005 Best Practical Solutions, LLC.

It is freely redistributable under the terms of version 2 of the GNU GPL.