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RT::Extension::PriorityAsString - show priorities in RT as strings instead of numbers


    # in RT config
    Set(@Plugins, qw(... RT::Extension::PriorityAsString ...));

    # Specify a mapping between priority strings and the internal
    # numeric representation
    Set(%PriorityAsString, (Low => 0, Medium => 50, High => 100));

    # Fine-tuned control of the order of priorities as displayed in the
    # drop-down box; usually this computed automatically and need not be
    # set explicitly.  It can be used to limit the set of options
    # presented during update, but allow a richer set of levels when
    # they are adjusted automatically.
    # Set(@PriorityAsStringOrder, qw(Low Medium High));

    # Uncomment if you want to apply different configurations to
    # different queues.  Each key is the name of a different queue;
    # queues which do not appear in this configuration will use RT's
    # default numeric scale.
    # This option means that %PriorityAsString and
    # @PriorityAsStringOrder are ignored (no global override, you must
    # specify a set of priorities per queue). You can safely leave them
    # out of your to avoid confusion.
    # Set(%PriorityAsStringQueues,
    #    General => { Low => 0, Medium => 50, High => 100 },
    #    Binary  => { Low => 0, High => 10 },
    # );


perl Makefile.PL
make install

May need root permissions

Edit your /opt/rt4/etc/

If you are using RT 4.2 or greater, add this line:


For RT 4.0, add this line:

    Set(@Plugins, qw(RT::Extension::PriorityAsString));

or add RT::Extension::PriorityAsString to your existing @Plugins line.

Clear your mason cache
    rm -rf /opt/rt4/var/mason_data/obj
Restart your webserver


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This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.