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RT::Extension::QuickCalls - Quickly create tickets in specific queues with default values


Works with RT 4.4, 5.0


You will need to enable the new QuickCalls portlet with a line like this in your file:

    Set($HomepageComponents, [qw(QuickCreate Quicksearch MyAdminQueues MySupportQueues MyReminders
                                 RefreshHomepage QuickCalls)]);

This is the default portlet list with QuickCalls added to the end People can then choose to add the portlet to their homepage in Preferences -> RT at a glance

To set up your Quick Calls, you will want to specify a Name and a Queue in the config file. The Name will become the Subject of the task unless you specify a Subject option. You can add other Ticket options as needed, such as Status. Additionally, if the SetOwnerToCurrentUser option is set, the ticket will be owned by the current user.

    Set($QuickCalls,[{Name => "Foo", Queue => 'General', Status => 'resolved'},
                     {Name => "Bar", Queue => 'Queue2',  Status => 'resolved'}]);

If a value is an anonymous subref, it will be called when the QuickCall is selected, and its return value filled in for the appropriate key:

    Set($QuickCalls,[ {
       Queue   => 'General',
       Name    => 'This will have the current time on the server in its content',
       Content => sub {
          my $date = localtime;
          return "When: $date\n\n";

After you have added QuickCalls to your home page, you will be able to select one, click Create and be brought to the ticket creation page with multiple fields pre-filled.


perl Makefile.PL
make install

May need root permissions

Edit your /opt/rt4/etc/

If you are using RT 4.2 or greater, add this line:


For RT 4.0, add this line:

    Set(@Plugins, qw(RT::Extension::QuickCalls));

or add RT::Extension::QuickCalls to your existing @Plugins line.

Clear your mason cache
    rm -rf /opt/rt4/var/mason_data/obj
Restart your webserver


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