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RT::Extension::SummaryByUser - portlets to show ticket counters per user


This extension ships with OwnerSummary and RequestorSummary portlets you can use in a dashboard and/or RT at glance. Summary can be displayed not only by user, but by users' organization or other fields. For example RequestorSummary portlet displays summary by requestors' organization. Read more about this below in "CONFIGURATION" section.


This module works on RT 4.0. It is not currently compatible with RT 4.2.


perl Makefile.PL
make install

May need root permissions

Edit your /opt/rt4/etc/

Add this line:

    Set(@Plugins, qw(RT::Extension::SummaryByUser));

or add RT::Extension::SummaryByUser to your existing @Plugins line.

Clear your mason cache
    rm -rf /opt/rt4/var/mason_data/obj
Restart your webserver


To make a OwnerSummary or RequestorSummary available in the Web UI you must register it in the RT config using $HomepageComponents option. Once a portlet is registered in $HomepageComponents it can be added to your homepage using the Edit link on RT at a Glance, or added to a Dashboard.

More portlets can be created using this extension. Look into the RequestorSummary file, it just calls OwnerSummary with arguments:

    return $m->comp( 'OwnerSummary', Role => 'Requestor', Field => 'Organization' );

As you can see there is two arguments: 'Role' and 'Field'. Role can be 'Owner', 'Creator', 'Requestor', 'Cc' and 'AdminCc'. Field can be any column from Users table or empty. The following fields make sence: 'Organization', 'Country', 'State' or 'City'. Empty value means that the report is groupped by particular users.

You can copy this file into local/html/Elements directory with different name, for example with RequestorCountrySummary, change arguments, register the new portlet in $HomepageComponents, restart server and use new portlet.


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