RTx::From - Make it easier to find users and their tickets


It can be hard to remember the exact name and email address of a user. While powerful, the Configuration/Users search form can be tedious, nor is it an obvious location. Therefore this simple plugin:

Adds a from: operator to Simple Search.

Note that unlike most other operators, which modify ticket queries, this operator acts on principals and therefore cannot be meaningfully combined with other search terms. The results of doing so are undefined and unsupported. However, you may supply multiple from: terms, which will be OR'd together.

There is also a work-around if you wish to perform a complex query for tickets from a fuzzily-remembered requestor:

  • Search with from:

  • Select "Requested" for the desired user

  • "Edit Search"

Adds a sub-tab on a user's profile to a query for his tickets.


Jerrad Pierce <>




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    Except Admin/Users/from.html which is derived from GPL work by Best Practical. But really, you can consider the above to be "the same terms as perl itself."