Redis::LeaderBoard - leader board using Redis


    use Redis;
    use Redis::LeaderBoard;
    my $redis = Redis->new;
    my $lb = Redis::LeaderBoard->new(
        redis => $redis,
        key   => 'leader_board:1',
        order => 'asc', # asc/desc, desc as default
    $lb->set_score('one' => 100');
    $lb->set_score('two' =>  50');
    my ($rank, $score) = $lb->get_rank_with_score('one');

    # memmber object
    my $member = $lb->find_member('two');
    my $rank2 = $member->rank;


Redis::LeaderBoard is for providing leader board by using Redis's sorted set.

z(rev)?rank of Redis 2.8 or older doesn't consider same scores. This module resolve it.



my $lb = Redis::LeaderBoard->new(%options)

Create a new leader board object. Options should be set in %options.

redis: Redis

Redis object. or Redis::hiredis.

key: Str


order: Enum(asc/desc)

Optional. desc as default.


$member_obj:Redis::LeaderBoard::Member = $lb->find_member($member:Str)

Find member by member id. see Redis::LeaderBoard::Member for more details.

$lb->set_score($member:Str, $score:Number, [$member2, $score2,...])

Set scores of members. You can set multiple element if using Redis 2.4 or later.

$score:Number = $lb->get_score($member:Str)

Get score of member.

$score:Number = $lb->incr_score($member:Str, [$increment_score:Number])

increment score of member and returns reflected score. 1 is default $increment_score.

$score:Number = $lb->decr_score($member:Str, [$decrement_score:Number])

decrement score of member and returns reflected score. 1 is default $decrement_score.

$lb->remove($member:Str, [$member2:Str,...])

remove members from leader board. Multiple element can be accepted Redis 2.4 or later.

($rank:Int, $score:Number) = $lb->get_rank_with_score($member:Str)

Returns rank and score. If you want to get rank and score at the same time, you should not call get_score and get_rank separately, use this method instead for performance.

$rank:Int = $lb->get_rank($member:Str)

Get rank of member.

$order:Int = $lb->get_sorted_order($member:Str)

Get sorted order in sorted set. (same as $redis->zrank)

$count = $lb->member_count([$from, $to])

Get number of members. If score range ($from and $to) is specified, it returns a number of members in range.

$rankings:ArrayRef<HashRef> = $lb->rankings(%opt)

Return rankings by arrayref contains hashrefs. keys of hashref is member:Str, rank:Int and score:Number.

Options can be set in %options. keys of options are as follows.

limit: Int
offset: Int


Copyright (C) Masayuki Matsuki.

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.


Masayuki Matsuki <>