Reflexive::Role::StreamFiltering - Provides a composable behavior for Reflex::Streams to use POE::Filters


version 1.122150


Reflexive::Role::StreamFiltering provides a composable behavior that takes and uses a POE::Filter instance to filter inbound and outbound data similar to a POE::Wheel object. But this class is much much simpler. The goal is to merely shim in a POE::Filter instance and to do it as unobtrusively as possible.



    is: rw, isa: POE::Filter, default: POE::Filter::Stream

This attribute is mostly to be provided at construction of the Stream. If none is provided then POE::Filter::Stream (which is just a passthrough) is used.

Internally, the following handles are provided:

    'filter_get' => 'get_one',
    'filter_start' => 'get_one_start',

Incidentially, only the newer POE::Filter get_one_start/get_one interace is supported.


    is: rw, isa: POE::Filter, default: POE::Filter::Stream

Like the input_filter attribute, this is to be provided at construction time of the Stream. If an output_filter is not provided, POE::Filter::Stream is used.

The following handles are provided:

    'filter_put' => 'put'




This method is around advised to run the provided data through the filter before passing it along to the original method if the filter returns multiple filtered chunks then each chunk will get its own method call.




on_data is the advised to intercept data events. Data is passed through the ilter via get_one_start. Then get_one is called until no more filtered chunks are returned. Each filtered chunk is then delievered via the emitted data event which is reemitted.


The filter attributes are marked as read-write, but take care when swapping filters as the filters may have data left in their buffers. This module isn't quite as smart as POE::Wheel::ReadWrite and it won't automagically pull any buffered data out of the previous filter and apply it to the new filter.


Nicholas R. Perez <>


This software is copyright (c) 2012 by Nicholas R. Perez <>.

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