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Tk::ReportBox - Perl extension for Displaying Reports


        use Tk::ReportBox;

        $reportbox = $main->ReportBox(
                                -title => 'Head',
                                -file => 'test.rp',
                                -mode => 1,
                                -headers => 2

        my $result = $reportbox->deliver();
        The '-file' option is mandatory.


This widget is meant for display of reports. In certain applications, programmers create reports using formats and write them to temporary files, and then read the files and display them. Typically, the user would want to scroll through the report, print it or store it in some file of their choice for future use. In accounting programs, a ledger may be displayed as a scrollable list. On selecting an item on the list, the user can get the subledger or voucher summarised on that line. ReportBox caters to both these needs, creating either a static readonly text report, or a scrollable list which can return a list item for further processing. The file 'test.rp' in the distribution gives an example report of a series of vouchers in an accounting package. '' shows how it works.


******** The '-file' option is mandatory. *******************

-startdir: The start directory to be passed to FileSelect. Defaults to './'.

-printstr: The print command for your system. Defaults to "lp $file". The print command would then be 'system ("lp $file")'.

-headers: For the listbox form of report, the number of header lines at the top that are not list items and hence should not be editable. Defaults to 2.

-file: the name of the temporary file from which to read the report.

-mode: this is 0 for static report and 1 for editable report. Defaults to 0.

-title: this is for the title of the ReportBox.


There is only one method: 'deliver'. This returns the editable string in the listbox report if the 'edit' button is pressed and '0' otherwise.


1. Tk


Unpack the distribution

perl Makefile.PL


make install


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