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Riji - Simple, git based blog tool


    % cpanm -qn Riji           # install `riji` cli
    % rjji setup               # setup new blog site
    % $EDITOR riji.yml         # adjust configuration
    % riji new-entry your-slug # create new blog entry in Markdown
    % git add article/ && git commit -m "add new entry"
    % riji server              # local server for staging starts on the port 3650.
    % riji publish             # static site will be created in the ./riji directory





Riji is a static site generator using Markdown, featuring RSS generation from git history.

'Riji'(日记) means diary in Chinese.


Static site generation with Markdown files.
All operations can be performed with the cli "riji".
Commits Markdown files to your git repository and automatically generates RSS from the git log.
Name of markdown file will be directly mapped to the URL as HTML.
YAML Frontmatter can be written optionally in Markdown file for meta-information, like tags, etc.
Customizable site template with Text::Xslate Kolon format.
Kolon template notation can also be used in Markdown files.
Your own template macros can be defined in the file.


docker container is also available.

    % docker run --rm -v $(PWD):/riji -v $(PWD)/.git:/riji/.git -i publish


Copyright (C) Masayuki Matsuki.

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.


Thanks to Gabor Szabo <> for great English tutorial.


Masayuki Matsuki <>