Adam Prime
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Rose::DBx::Object::Loader::FormMaker - Automatically create RHTMLO Forms with the RDBO Loader


hi there

make_modules [PARAMS]

see the documentation for Rose::DB::Object::Loader for the bulk of the configuration options for make_modules. FormMaker adds a couple of options to what Loader provides described below:

form_prefix [PREFIX]

The prefix used for Form classes created by FormMaker. Basically the same thing as class_prefix provided by loader. It must not be the same as class_prefix or Bad Things will happen.

form_base_classes [ CLASS | ARRAYREF ]

The same as base_classes, but for Forms. Defaults to 'Rose::HTML::Form'.

base_tabindex [ SCALAR ]

The lowest tabindex that should be used for form elements in the created forms. Defaults to 1.


    class_to_form takes an RDBO class, and using it's meta information constructs an RHTMLO Form object.


form_prefix is just for the initialization of the form_prefix option to FormMaker


get/set the base class(es) for the Form objects