SAL - A Sub Application Layer for Perl


  use SAL;


This is a stub. Documentation needs to be done for all SAL::* modules unfortunately.

What it is, and what it is not

SAL is library for building multi-platform tools (shell, desktop, web). It's primary purpose is to allow for rapid development of business reporting tools. As with Perl, it's flexible enough to be used in a wide variety of environments, and for all kinds of needs.

SAL-proper IS NOT an application framework, although some tinkering has gone on in that neck of the woods. (SAL::Kernel and SAL::VFS are still on the drawing board, but GUI widgets and SDL integration will probably be coming first.)

Required Modules

Installing SAL through CPAN requires the following:

SAL requires at least DBD::SQLite. DBD::mysql and DBD::odbc are also supported database drivers

SAL also requires GD::Graph and it's prerequisites. GD::Graph3d is optional, though it might replace GD::Graph as a prerequisite in the future.


In the installation tarball, you'll find a samples directory with the following quick-and-dirty examples. They are (lol) not anywhere near real programs, but will hopefully help get you started.

  lsql           - a very simple shell for working with SQLite databases
  salsquid       - a very simple authenticator for Squid.  Requires MySQL database (or modification)
  salreport.cgi  - a very simple data-driven report example.
  salgraph.cgi   - a very simple graphing example.
  salsurvey.cgi  - a simple but effective web survey script.  Requires MySQL database (or modification)


Scott Elcomb <>

See Also

SAL::DBI, SAL::WebDDR, SAL::Graph, SAL::WebApplication