Piers Harding


SAP::BC::XMLRFC - Perl extension for performing RFC Function calls against an SAP R/3 using the Business Connector System. Please refer to the README file found with this distribution.


# Setup up a service in the SAP BC server for an RFC-XML based call to RFC_READ_REPORT # called test:ReadReport to make this example work

  use SAP::BC::XMLRFC;
  $rfc = new SAP::BC::XMLRFC( );

  my $userid = 'testuser';
  my $passwd = 'letmein';
  my $server="http://my.server.blah:5555";
  my $service = 'test:ReadReport';

# build the connecting object my $xmlrfc = new SAP::BC::XMLRFC( SERVER => $server, USERID => $userid, PASSWD => $passwd ); # Discover the interface definition for a function module my $i = $xmlrfc->Iface( $service );

# set a parameter value of the interface $i->Parm('PROGRAM')->value('SAPLGRAP');

# call the BC service with an interface object $xmlrfc->xmlrfc( $i );

  print "Name:", $i->Parm('TRDIR')->structure->NAME, "\n";
  map {print @{$_}, "\n"  } ( $i->Tab('QTAB')->rows );

  while ( my $row = $i->Tab('QTAB')->nextrow ){
      map { print "$_ = $row->{$_} \n" } keys %{$row};


Enabler for XMLRFC calls to SAP vi athe SAP Business Connector


        my $rfc = new SAP::BC::XMLRFC( SERVER => $server,
                                       USERID => $userid,
                                       PASSWD => $passwd );


Piers Harding, saprfc@kogut.demon.co.uk.

But Credit must go to all those that have helped.


perl(1), SAP::BC(3), SAP::BC::XMLRFC(3), SAP::BC::Iface(3)