SDL::App - a SDL perl extension


  $app = new SDL::App ( -title => 'FunkMeister 2000', 
                        -icon_title => 'FM2000',
                        -icon => 'funkmeister.png', 
                        -width => 400, 
                        -height => 400 );


This Object is a composite made up of a few surfaces, and strings. This object does the setup for the SDL library, and greates the base application window.

The options that the constructor takes are:

-title => the title bar of the window -icon_title => the title bar of the icon -icon => the icon image file -flags => the SDL_* surface flags for the default window -width => of the app window -height => of the app window -depth => the bit depth of the window

Additional Methods

        In addition to initilizing the SDL library, the app class
provides access to a couple miscellaneous functions that all programs
may need:


Delay will cause a delay of roughly the specified milliseconds. Since this only runs in multi-tasking environments, the exact number is not assured.


Ticks returns the number of clock ticks since the program was started.


Error returns any pending SDL related error messages. It returns an empty string if no errors are pending, making it print friendly.


Will move the cursor to the location x,y.


David J. Goehrig


perl(1) SDL::Surface(3) SDL::Mixer(3) SDL::Event(3) SDL::Cdrom(3).