Gisle Aas


SHA - Perl interface to the NIST Secure Hash Algorithm


    use SHA;

    $version = &SHA::sha_version;

    $context = new SHA;


    $digest = $context->digest();
    $string = $context->hexdigest();

    $digest = $context->hash($string);
    $string = $context->hexhash($string);


The SHA module is depreciated. Use Digest::SHA1 instead.

The current SHA module is just a wrapper around the Digest::SHA1 module. It is provided so that legacy code that rely on the old interface still work. This wrapper does not support the old (and buggy) SHA-0 algorithm.

In addition to the methods provided by Digest::SHA1 this module provide the class methods SHA->hash() and SHA->hexhash() that basically do the same as the sha1() and sha1_hex() functions provided Digest::SHA1.

The SHA->hex* methods will insert spaces between groups of 8 hex characters, while the Digest::SHA1 version of the same methods will not do this.